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Pest Guide

From time to time, according to the seasons we shall bring you some useful tips on how to detect certain pest infestations/invasions in your home, office, warehouse, restaurants etc. If you are looking for immediate answers please contact us or click here to research a variety of pest.

The Signs of a Rodent or Pest Infestation

Look for these common signs. They may indicate an infestation of Rodents or Pests.

Droppings and urine are left wherever rodents/pests travel or rest, especially
in corners. 

Dark smears or rub marks on surfaces, caused by oil from rodents' hair as
they move throughout their territories. 

Footprints and tail drags may be seen in dusty locations. To make these
trails easier to see, shine a strong flashlight at a low angle across the dust. 

Gnaw marks with clearly visible, 1/8 inch tooth marks may be a sign of

Gnaw marks with tiny, scratch-like tooth marks may be a sign of mice.

A distinctive, musky odor may be present. 

House pets, such as cats and dogs, may become agitated because they hear
rodents gnawing, digging, running and fighting. 


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